Entrance fee and price for activities

Entrance fee

Tube slider and Snow Experience space are all you can play without any additional fees.

  • These contents may change depending on the snow conditions.
  • For safety reason, you cannot use sleds in North Snow Land.
  • Please wear warm and waterproof outerwear, shoes, knit hats, gloves, and other clothing suitable
    for playing in the snow.

Price for activities

Additional charge will apply to Mini Snowmobile, 4-wheel buggy, snow rafting, and cross country skiing.

  • Adult ( 12 years old and over)
  • Child ( between 6 to 11 years old)
Mini Snowmobile6 years old and over ( Not available for 5 years old and
younger )
1 time ( about 70m x 2 laps) Adult ¥1,200 Child ¥800
4-wheel buggyAdult ( 12 years old and over) 1 time ( about 70m x 2 laps) Adult ¥1,200
Snow Rafting3 years old and over 1 time ( about 3 to 4 min) Adult ¥1,200 Child ¥800
Cross country skiing3 years old and over 1 time ( about 10 to 15min) Adult ¥500 Kid ¥500

Rental wear ・boots

Rental price

  • rental items are limited in quantity.
Rental wear
  • S to LL for Men
  • S to O for Women
  • 100cm to 150cm for Kids
Adult ¥1,000 Kid ¥500
Rental Boots
  • 16cm to 28.5cm
Adult ¥500 Kid ¥500